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Frequently Asked Questions

Index of common questions:

1. House plan information 

2. Ordering a plan book

3. How much are the plan books

4. What comes in a plan book 

5. Information on Plan orders

6. Questions regarding Changes or Revisions

7. General Questions


1. House Plan Information Return to Top

Q. What is included in a set of house plans?

A. When you order a Construction Set for a selected house plan, the following is included:

Exterior Elevations

First Floor Plan

Foundation and Framing Plan

Second Floor Framing Plan (with 2 story plans)

Second Floor Plan (with 2 story plans)

Roof Plan

Building Sections

Typical Wall Sections

Miscellaneous framing details

Cabinet Elevations

Interior Elevations Electrical Layout Plan

Mechanical Layout Plan

Miscellaneous Notes and Details

General Specifications


Plans are designed to meet International Building Code and CABO for the state of Louisiana and Federal Housing Administration. Some local and regional building departments require additional information. Please verify what is acceptable in your area.


2. Ordering Information Return to Top

Q. How do I order a plan book?

A. We offer two ways to purchase our plan books.

1. You can order them by sending us an e-mail with your contact information and we will call you or

2. You can call us at (337) 234-7343.


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3. How much are the plan books? 

Q. What do your plan books cost?

A.  Plan Books cost $55.00 a book.

 4. What comes in the plan book?

A. The plan books contain the plans located on the web site in the square footage range shown on the plan header page. Each house plan design has the individually water colored, by Michael Murphy, elevation reproduced and placed above the floor plan for the home. It also contains the room sizes and the square footage data. These designs are printed on high quality 48 lb glossy brochure paper placed in a pocket folder. Also we have included information about our office hours, cost of our plans and how to purchase them.

5. Plan Order Information Return to Top

Q. Once we have chosen a plan that we like what do your plan options include?

A.  Construction Set: This includes 6 sets of plans including all four exterior views, floor plans, foundation plan, roof plan, building section, and any other necessary details to explain how to build your home. This is the basic package that you will need to get a building permit, secure your financing and to actually build from.

Q. How much do your house plans cost?

A. The cost of each design is based on the size of the home. See our plan books for the cost of each plan. Our basic charge which will provide you with 6 full sets of prints.

Q. How much will it cost me to buy additional copies of my house plans if 6 sets is not enough.

A. There is a $65 charge for every set over the 6 sets provided.

5. Plan Changes or Revisions Return to Top

Q. If I purchase a set of your plans, and decide to make some changes, can you help in making revised drawings?

A. Yes we make changes. Call our office at 337-234-7343 during normal business hours to make an appointment. We also do custom home designs. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to modify plans over the Internet.

Q. How much do you charge for making plan changes?

A. Costs for changes vary depending on the amount and complexity of the changes desired.


6. General Questions Return to Top

Q. What does it mean if a plan number includes a "P" in the number?

A. The "P" in the plan number means that the drawings for the plan are in preliminary stages of development and that it might take 2-3 weeks before we can finish and deliver the plan to you.

Q. Do you have any more plans to choose from?

A. These are only a few of the many plans that we have available to builders ,developers and the general public. You can call our office to make an appointment to come by and have your private viewing of our full selection of plans. Our office hours, Monday through Thursday, are 8:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 5:00 and on Friday from 8:00 to 12:00.

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