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Louisiana Architecture

Many cultures have come together to form Louisiana's rich architectural heritage. Louisiana architecture has been influenced by French, Spanish, American Indian, West Indies and English/ American cultures. The French Country (Country French) style architecture, French Colonial style architecture, Creole style architecture, Acadian style architecture, West Indies style architecture and the Tudor style architecture that we see prevalent today in Louisiana has taken root over the many years of immigration of the many cultures that have flocked to Louisiana since the 1600's. New Orleans has been the largest receiver of these emigrational floods. Today I feel that we will experience this first hand with the Katrina disaster. The new migration of workers coming from outside the state will come rebuild, stay and influence the future New Orleans style architecture and Louisiana style architecture for many years to come.

How have these different styles affected residential home design here in Louisiana? We hope to show you in the house designs that follow. Our house plans reflect the spirit of what some have called New Orleans style architecture. Michael Murphy was born in New Orleans and talks of real fond memories of outings as a young child in the French Quarter. As a youngster his father owned a photography shop in the French Quarter and he frequented it often. He spent countless hours sketching in the French Quarter. All this has influenced his home plans and he is able to draw from all this first hand knowledge of the French, Spanish and Creole styles of architecture found there. He also lived in Puerto Rico which has influenced his sensitivity to the West Indies style architecture. Michael Murphy has been designing house plans now since the early eighties in Lafayette, Louisiana. In Lafayette he has tried to bring this touch of New Orleans (European style architecture) to average sized homes as well as to estate sized homes believing that even average sized homes should receive the same detailing as estate homes. He believes that an investment in detailing and ornament can go a long way in increasing the homes livability, its aesthetic value and its marketability. This unique value can be attained through Mr. Murphy's broad knowledge and familiarity with all the styles that make up Louisiana architecture. We want to introduce you to the warmth found in Louisiana architecture. We hope that we can help you experience it first hand in your own home plan designed by M. L. Murphy Design Group.


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